Vintage 80th in "Midnight Heat"


Name: Midnight Heat

Actress: Sharon Mitchell,Tish Ambrose,Joey Karson,Dixie Dew,Champagne

Categories: Vintage 80th, 1983, United States, English, Richard Mahler, Sharon Mitchell, Tish Ambrose, Joey Karson, Dixie Dew, Champagne, Jamie Gillis, Michael Bruce, Frederick Rein, Howard Feline, Facial, Lesbian

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Michael Bruce,Frederick Rein,Howard Feline

Language: English

Duration: 69 min

Country: United States

Director: Richard Mahler

Year: 1983

Roger Watkins is most well known, among cult film fans, as the director of the enigmatic Last House on Dead End Street. A masterpiece in it's own right, most fans of the film are only vaguely aware of the career direction that he followed after that film, moving into hardcore films. Luckily, the same elements that made Last House... a minor classic remain present in Watkins' hardcore films, which make them entirely unique. Jamie Gillis plays Alan, a man who's credo is more or less (I'm paraphrasing here) "if something isn't dangerous, it's not worth doing." The film opens with Alan nonchalantly destroying a man. Later, Alan ends up relaxing with the mob boss' wife, which leads to him hiding out, avoiding the threat of death. While Alan is stuck in his slummy hotel room, the viewer experiences flashbacks that Alan has of elements of his life (all involving sex) which have more or less led him to the place where he is today; he is more or less apathetic, an "hollow man" as T.S. Eliot (who is briefly referenced) would say.We're shown how his relationship with his wife disintegrated by his utter apathy, his inability to emote, or even really have an emotional response to anything. We're shown how his relationship with a whore leads to him having larger, higher profile hit jobs. And none of it is very pretty. Eventually Alan calls an relax service and has two girls come to his hotel room. Once there, he watches while they fuck each other, claiming that he "prefers to watch." After the two are done, he pays them and asks one of the girls, Diane, to say. Despite some concern from the other call girl, Diane agrees.

Vintage 80th in "Midnight Heat"

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Vintage 80th1983United StatesEnglishRichard MahlerSharon MitchellTish AmbroseJoey KarsonDixie DewChampagneJamie GillisMichael BruceFrederick ReinHoward FelineFacialLesbian

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