France Lomay pornstar : "Ragazza Alla Pari"


Name: Ragazza Alla Pari

Categories: France Lomay pornstar, 1978, France, Italian, Claude Pierson, Barbara Moose, France Lomay, Erika Cool, Jenny Feeling, Claude Janna, Richard Lemieuvre, Benoit Archenoul

Actress: Barbara Moose,France Lomay,Erika Cool,Jenny Feeling,Claude Janna

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Benoit Archenoul

Country: France

Director: Claude Pierson

Language: Italian

Year: 1978

Duration: 67 min

We see Jenny Feeling as a maid having sex in the kitchen with the grandson. Robert Le Ray walks in on them and takes over from him. Then Cyril Val walks in and takes over from Robert Le Ray. Then we see the family having a meal on a table in the garden - two males and Marion Schultz with Jenny Feeling in attendance. The grandson arrives with another girl (Marie-Dominique Cabannes) and they have sex among the trees. Then Cyril Val comes upon them and takes over from the male. Then Robert Le Ray takes over from him. The mom (Schultz) and the au-pair girl (Cabannes) have a g/g scene in the bath while the grandson and Jenny Feeling have sex on her bed. They are joined by Robert Le Ray for a threesome including a DP, but this could be an insert from another film. As with the other apparent DP and the anals in this film, it is seen only in close-up and implied in more distant shots. Cyril Val has sex with Marion Schultz on a bed and they are joined by the au-pair girl. Cyril Val then takes the au-pair to a brothel. On entering they find Liliane Lemieuvre apparently being DP'd by Robert Le Ray and the first male. They join in. Then, successively, the mom and Jenny Feeling arrive and also join in making a tangle of bodies.

France Lomay pornstar : "Ragazza Alla Pari"

Saturday, August 12, 2017


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